Blossom Banquet Hall at Hotel Nami Residency, Ahmedabad

Blossom 1

Blossom 1, as the name suggests, is exclusively designed 1760 Sq. Ft, banquet hall ideal for social functions or business events as it can comfortably accommodate to 100 persons or more. There are various styles and seating arrangements available to enhance the experience of event.

Seating as per arrangement:

Theatre: 100-125 persons    
U Shape: 40-45 persons     
Cluster: 45-55 persons

Blossom 2

What is better than the one and only magnificent Blossom 2? Blossom 2 & 3. Yes, the grand Blossom 2 can be divided into two breakaway halls as per the need of the occasion or theme of the event. Blossom 2 (1482 Sq. Ft.) is bigger than Blossom 3 (798 Sq. Ft.) both of them can be utilized to organize a unique function.

Seating as per arrangement:

Theatre: 100-190 persons
U Shape: 50-7 persons
Cluster: 70-80 persons

Blossom 3

Some occasions in life are so private that you only need to celebrate them with the people you love. That's why we have the Blossom 3, an exclusive banquet hall with 798 Sq. Ft situated at the first floor which can take care of more than 50 guests conveniently. What's more, you can always select the seating arrangements and styles the way you want.

Seating as per arrangement:

Theatre: 35-65 persons
U Shape: 30-35 persons
Cluster: 20-30 persons

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